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Improve your existing writing or create high-quality content in seconds. From catchy headlines to persuasive emails, our tools are tailored to your unique needs.


Flexible AutoWrite + Language

Complete nearly any writing task in your desired language.

Grant Proposal Generator

Translate your project idea and specific goals into a compelling grant proposal.

Fundraiser Project Creator

Define the purpose and create a plan for a fundraising project.

Book Outline Generator

Generate a table of contents and book outline from a book title or theme.

Term Generator

Generate related terms based on a keyword.

Crowdfunding Campaign Generator

Generate a compelling description and purpose for your crowdfunding campaign.

Call To Action Generator

Generates effective call-to-action (CTA) statements based on a specific goal and target audience.

Cornell Notes Assistant

Generates insightful notes, progressive questions, and concise summaries from your text inputs.

Moot Court Research

This tool helps you research laws and arguments to prepare for moot courts.

Crazy Character Writer

Transform any first person text into intriguing dialogue that hints at a character's descent into madness.

Job Post Description Writer

This tool writes a detailed job post description based on the job title.

Personal Assistant Prompt Helper

Enhance the clarity and accuracy of prompts for HyperWrite's Personal Assistant.

Reword for Investors

Rewords information in a way that's attractive and informative to potential investors.

Hypothesis Maker

Create a hypothesis for your research based on your research question.

Improve Text

Improve text for grammar, impact, and make it more concise.

Imitate Writing Style

This tool mimics the writing style of a given text and transforms your text into the same style.

Extreme TLDR Generator

Generate extreme TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read) summaries for paragraphs while retaining maximum meaning and context.

Discussion Comment Response

Respond to a student's post with encouragement and questions for further exploration.

3-Paragraph Speech Writer

This tool will write a three-paragraph speech with an introduction and conclusion.

IELTS Writing Assistant

Improve your IELTS essays with AI. Enhance coherence, correct grammar errors, and expand your lexical resource.

Story Section Generator

Writes a section for a story based on the given summary and logically fits with the plot.

Career Advisor

This tool will answer career-related queries with detailed insights.

Advertise This!

Create a unique, outrageous advertisement campaign for social media.

Chemistry Assistant

This AI tool helps answer chemistry questions and solve chemistry problems.

Message Replier

Generates appropriate and engaging replies to chat and text messages.

Prospecting Email Generator

Create a concise, solution-focused prospecting email for a cold prospect within the HR vertical.

Reflective Essay Generator

Generate a high-quality reflective academic essay that is clear, detailed, and insightful.

Assessment Writer

Generates a comprehensive draft for any assessment topic.

Merge Texts

Merge all the information provided by two longer texts and returns one single text.

Story Generator

Write a captivating story based on your given topic or prompt.

Creative Story Writer

Generate unique story ideas, plots, characters, setting, and themes based on your input.

Video Hook Generator

Generate an engaging one-sentence hook in the form of a question based on the video content details provided.

Auto Blogging

Draft unique and engaging blog content based on a given topic.

AI Search Engine

Experience a new level of search with our AI-powered search engine that delivers smart, actionable results.

Text Expander

Enhance your text by adding more depth, detail, and context, while maintaining the original message and tone.

HyperWrite AI Usage Advisor

Get personalized advice on how to use HyperWrite AI for your job and writing or research-related tasks.

Anthropology Explorer

Get comprehensive information on a topic within the field of Anthropology.

Research Paper Assistant

Assist in the creation of research papers based on provided instructions and guidelines.

Two-Paragraph Answer Generator

Generates a comprehensive two-paragraph answer to a user's question.


Research Paper Summarizer

Reads, understands, and summarizes the main points and conclusions of a research paper.


Chemistry Tutor

Get answers and explanations to your chemistry-related questions.


Research Paper Writer

Generate a well-structured research paper based on a given topic, thesis statement, and key points.


Academic Tone Enhancer

Improve the academic tone of your writing, ensuring it adheres to high-quality academic format and style.


Cold Email Composer

Generate personalized cold emails based on a product name and a LinkedIn profile.


AI Paragraph Expander

Transform a brief paragraph into a more detailed and elaborate one, while maintaining its original context.


AI Story Generator

Generates a creative and engaging story based on a provided topic or theme.


Classmate Discussion Post Responder

This tool helps you create engaging, respectful, and thought provoking responses to classmates' discussion posts.


Greek Symbol Interpreter

Interprets the meaning and usage of Greek symbols in mathematics and science.


AI Content Writer and Story Weaver

Generate creative and engaging written content based on user inputs.


Discussion Board Reply Expander

Add depth and detail to your discussion board replies with relevant information and citations.


Paragraph Optimizer

Refine and shorten your paragraphs while preserving the original meaning and tone.


Friendly Tone Converter

Takes a given message and rewrites it to sound friendlier and less passive-aggressive, while keeping the same content and voice.


Famous Writer Style Mimic

AI tool that generates text in the style of a specified famous writer based on user-provided input.


Assignment Revision Assistant

Revise and improve academic assignments based on professor's feedback.


Product Review Analyzer

Analyze a product review to generate a summary, sentiment score, and suggested responses.


AI Poem Writer

Create original, custom poems based on user-provided themes, styles, and moods.


Theatre Rehearsal Planner

Create a structured, efficient, and engaging plan for theatre rehearsals, including warm-ups, body and voice exercises, and improv games.


Creepypasta Story Creator

Generate suspenseful, slow-paced horror stories based on real-life events or details, in the first-person perspective.


AI Startup Accelerator

Get a customized roadmap and daily tasks to guide you through launching your startup, with an AI chatbot mentor for support.


Blog Post Generator

Generate high-quality, engaging, and SEO-friendly blog posts based on a given topic.


Email Content Composer

Create professional and well-structured emails based on your specific requirements.


Historical Event Narrative Creator

Create detailed narratives of historical events based on user queries.


Counter Argument Composer

Generate a concise counter argument to a given statement within a limit of 5 sentences.


AI Chat Companion

Interact with AI on any topic of your choice, receiving accurate, relevant, and interesting information.


Sales Copy Enhancer

Turn ordinary text into persuasive and engaging sales copy that drives action.


Professional Document Editor

Enhances the grammar, accuracy, and professionalism of your documents.


Writing Fusion

Combines two distinct pieces of writing into one cohesive, unified document while maintaining the core ideas and themes.


Freelance Service Finder

Discover local professionals who offer freelance services with AI powered search.


Abstract-to-Title Generator

Create concise, descriptive titles based on the abstract of a research paper or article.


Persuasive Speech Generator

Create a persuasive speech based on a given topic, target audience, and key points.


Multiple Choice Question Maker

Generates multiple choice questions based on provided study material.


Content Kick-Start

Generates tips and strategies for starting content creation based on the type of content and target audience.


Content Kick-Starter Assistant

Generate creative tips and ideas for starting new content based on a given topic.


Quiz Question Constructor

Generate a set of varied and comprehensive quiz questions based on provided notes.


Presentation Builder

Assists in creating engaging and professional presentations based on given topics, key points, and target audience.

Talk to Anyone

Simulate conversations, using AI to embody any chosen person


Statement Deconstructor

Analyze a statement for logical coherence, presuppositions, and conclusions, and generate counter-arguments.


Audience Avatar Creator

Generate customer avatars for an industry, including background, demographics, interests, challenges, solutions, and an elevator pitch.


Marketing Action Plan Generator

Generate a comprehensive marketing action plan based on your product/service and target audience.


Boyfriend AI

Generates flirtatious and provocative responses with a mix of romantic and sensual undertones.



Generates comprehensive lists of nested subtopics based on a given base topic and a specified level of iterative depth.


Profound Haiku Composer

Creates a profound, non-rhyming haiku based on a given topic.


AI Content Planner

Generates a comprehensive content strategy based on your industry, target audience, and marketing goals.


IQ Adjustable AI

Adjust the AI's responses based on a set IQ level, ranging from simple sentences to highly intelligent and detailed responses.


ASCII Art Creator

Generates ASCII art based on the object described by the user.


Viral Tweet Composer

Generate tweets that are concise, memorable, and shareable, with the potential to go viral on a given topic.


OKR Planner and Tracker

A tool that helps users to effectively plan, track, and manage their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).


Text Improvement Suggester

Identify and implement improvements to your text based on predefined criteria.


Social Media Post Analyzer

Extract key features and themes from social media posts for marketing insights.


API Documentation Improver

Analyzes and suggests improvements to API documentation to enhance clarity, conciseness, and readability.

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