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Generations include Tools, AutoWrite, and HyperChat
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Highlight text to generate variations (Documents and Chrome Extension)
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800 Assistant Credits / Month
Unlimited Generations
Generations include Tools, AutoWrite, and HyperChat
Unlimited TypeAheads
Get writing suggestions as you type (Documents and Chrome Extension)
Unlimited Rewrites / Month
Highlight text to generate variations (Documents)
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Unlimited Writing Tools, Generations, TypeAheads, and Rewrites
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Billing FAQs

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What is the difference between the Free and Premium plans?

With a Free account, you will have limited access to our most basic AI. Upgrading to Premium unlocks access to unlimited use and more advanced AI that produces higher quality writing and is knowledgeable on more topics.

How do I upgrade my account?

Visit your subscription page to upgrade your account and get immediate access to unlimited AI writing. Use code TRYHYPERWRITE for 50% off your first month.

What topics can HyperWrite write about?

HyperWrite was trained on nearly the entire internet, so it can write about almost any topic you can imagine, from general essays and blog posts to technical writing, marketing copy, short stories, and more. Be careful with more recent information, and always be sure to fact check and edit before publishing or sharing your work.

Who created HyperWrite?

HyperWrite is a product of OthersideAI, as part of our mission to create technology to help the world work and communicate more effectively.

Is the content written by HyperWrite original and unique?

HyperWrite generates text using an artificial intelligence algorithm trained on millions of examples, similar to the AI behind powerful systems like GPT-4 and ChatGPT. When used as intended, all suggestions generated by HyperWrite are unique and original. We recommend that you use an external plagiarism checker before publishing or submitting your work.

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