Flexible AutoWrite

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Summarize the main points and key info from any text or article.

Explain Like I’m 5

Take a complex topic and simplify it to make it easier to understand.


Rewrite Content

Rewrite content in a different way, while keeping the same meaning.


Email Responder

Based on an email and short response, get a well-written reply.


Magic Editor

Edit a document or message to improve its clarity, tone, and style.


Generate Blog Intro

Generate a high quality introduction for a blog post on any topic.

AI Speech Writer

Generate a speech using an outline or description, topic, and sources or quotes.

Universal Translator

Accurately translate text between languages with AI.

Essay Outline Generator

Create an outline for your essay with a clear structure.


Mother's Day Card Creator

Create a thoughtful and well-written Mother's Day card.

AI Writer

Use AI to write content on any topic and in any format.

Multilingual Email Responder

Generate emails in any language based on a received email and shorthand response.

Discussion Board Response Generator

AI-generated response to a discussion board question or prompt.

Website Landing Page Copy Generator

Generate compelling website landing page copy that converts users.

Write like Shakespeare

Generate text in the style of the Bard himself.

Thanksgiving Card Writer

Create warm, appreciative Thanksgiving cards highlighting shared experiences.

Proposal Generator

Generate a detailed business proposal based on a company name and proposal description.


Reword and rephrase content while retaining its original meaning.

Pokemon Fanfiction Generator

Generate Pokemon fanfiction from a summary, plot, and characters.

Refined Legal Writing

Rewrite your copy to reflect the style and tone of a legal document.

Blog Post Meta Description Generator

Generate concise and effective meta descriptions for your blog post.

Essay Thesis Statement Generator

Generate a clear and concise thesis statement for an essay.

Grammar Help

Get answers to grammar questions with AI.

Client Communication

Compose a simple, professional, and concise message to your client.

Message Expander

Expand shorthand or rough draft messages for various platforms and purposes.

Bedtime Story Teller

Create a bedtime story tailored to a specific type and mood.

Paragraph Generator

Create high-quality paragraphs based on a given topic or text.

Structured Press Release Generator

Generate a fantastic, well-structured press release that will impress readers.

Discussion Question Assistant

Answer the provided discussion question in great detail.

Job Elevator Pitch Generator

Craft a compelling elevator pitch for candidates interviewing for a job.

Tweet Generator

Generate original tweet ideas based on a given idea or theme.

Social Media Ad Copy

Generate compelling social media ad copy for your product or service.

Movie Recommender

Find the perfect movie based on your preferences.

Detailed Outline Generator

Generate a detailed chapter outline for a book or article.


Find meal ideas and recipes based on cuisine and dietary restrictions or special requests.

Grocery List Writer

Create a grocery list for shopping, considering your specified foods and events.

Brainstorming Tool

Generate ideas to help brainstorm based on a given problem or text input.

Sound Prolific

Create evocative writing that incorporates vivid language, metaphors, and symbols.

Essay Topic Generator

Generate a list of essay topics based on a subject or keyword.

LinkedIn Post Creator

Based on a short description or outline, draft a compelling LinkedIn post.

Paragraph Expander

Expand an existing idea or piece of writing into a high-quality paragraph.

Cover Letter Generator

Generate a customized cover letter based on a job description and your resume.

Birthday Card Creator

Generates personalized and heartfelt birthday cards based on for any recipient.

Question Generator

Generate a clear and polite question based on the information to find out and who you are asking.


TikTok Script Writer

Write a script for a TikTok video based on the background information or topic.

Email Subject Line Generator

Generate an email subject line based on the email and goal.

Facebook Post Generator

Expand a summary or idea into a full-length Facebook post.

Essay Title Generator

Generate an engaging and relevant title for your essay

English Question Analyzer

Analyze and answer questions in English.

Flexible Autowrite with Style

Write anything in a specific style or emulate a specific author.

Ad Copy Generator

Create compelling ad copy for a given product.

Instagram Caption Generator

Turn an idea, keyword, or draft into an engaging Instagram caption.

Flexible Press Release Generator

Generate a press release based on a provided summary.

Discussion Post Commenter

Generate insightful comments and improvement suggestions for discussion posts.

Listicle Subheadings Generator

Generate a list of subheadings for a given topic.

Greeting Card Writer

Writes a personalized message for a greeting card for a given occasion and recipient.

Value Ladder Generator

Generate a business value ladder based on your product, target customer, and service or field.

Harry Potter Fanfiction Generator

AI-generated fanfiction about Harry Potter characters.

Write Next Paragraph

Generate a high-quality next paragraph or section based on existing text.

Technical Translator

Rewrites technical writing in plain language for easy understanding.

SEO-friendly Blog Post Writer

Generate high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts based on given keywords or topics.

Research Assistant

Summarize main points from research, papers, or reviews.

Startup Idea Generator

Generate potential startup ideas based on a domain or industry.

Marketing Email Generator

Draft a marketing email based on the content that should be included and goals.

Restaurant Meal Picker

Get AI-generated dish recommendations based on a cuisine and location.

Company Name Generator

Generate unique company names based on business information and preferences.

Letter of Request Generator

Write clear, concise, and polite letters requesting a service or help.

Graduation Card Generator

Create a thoughtful graduation note based on given notes about your graduate.

Writing Improver

Improve grammar, vocabulary, and style in a section of text.

Anniversary Card Maker

Craft a romantic and thoughtful anniversary card, incorporating important milestones and memories.

Sales Script Creator

Merge multiple sales scripts or background info into one seamless, high-quality script.

Short Manuscript Creator

Create a detailed, optimistic short manuscript on a single topic.


Father's Day Card Creator

Create a thoughtful and well-written Father's Day card based on your notes or ideas.

Caption Creator

Generate clever and concise social media captions based on your description.

Article Write

Generate detailed articles on any topic.

Answer Emails

Effortlessly generate professional email responses.

Wedding Card Ideas

Create a heartfelt wedding card to congratulate the newlyweds and share your happiness for their future.

Essay with Bulleted Summary

Analyze an essay topic statement or question and create a title, a simple bulleted summary, and a detailed long-form answer.

Resume Updater

Review and update your resume based on a specific job description.

Related Key Phrases Generator

Create alternative key phrases for your website SEO.

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