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The Best 15 AI-Focused YouTube Channels for Beginners Wanting to Learn

YouTube remains a useful and (sometimes) credible resource for kinesthetic and auditory-visual learners. We cover 15 of the best YouTube channels to visit for new AI enthusiasts and programmers looking to learn.

The Best 15 AI-Focused YouTube Channels for Beginners Wanting to Learn

YouTube is a goldmine for learning in general. You have teachers, experts, and licensed professionals going onto the platform to share their considerable knowledge with anyone that wants to listen. And their lessons are made all the more engaging through digital media.

Now, with AI being the trending tech topic of the century, it comes as no surprise that many are eager to learn about this technology. And they’ve turned to YouTube for help – especially those that prefer audio-visual demonstrations over written tutorials. 

But with so many AI channels out there, it’s important to filter the trustworthy sources from the fraudsters just jumping on the hype train for some views. To make your search easier, I've curated a list of the top YouTube creators capable of breaking down all things AI in a clear and informative way.

Dave Ebbelaar

Channel: Dave Ebbelaar

Subscribers: 81,800

Recommended Video: GPT Engineer ... Generate an entire codebase with one prompt

Dave Ebbelaar, an AI engineer and founder of Datalumina, has carved out a niche on YouTube with his practical AI tutorials for beginners. His channel content with 68 videos is possibly one of the most balanced on this list. People who can keep up with his AI engineering background and new AI enthusiasts without extensive technical knowledge, can benefit from his videos. 

And his expertise provides valuable insights for both groups, too. 

Ebbelaar's teaching style seamlessly blends technical jargon and concepts with a conversational, everyday approach. He’s able to make even complex topics feel approachable. Videos like "How to use ChatGPT's new 'Code Interpreter' feature" and "OpenAI Assistants Tutorial for Beginners" are great for fresh AI programmers who are just starting their journey but are quite passionate about expanding their knowledge and expertise. 

Overall, Dave Ebbelaar's channel sits at the intersection of easy and intermediate. He avoids overly complicated technicalities while still discussing deeper than generic, surface-level AI topics. 

Krish Naik

Channel: Krish Naik

Subscribers: 959,000

Recommended Video: Things Required to Master Generative AI - A Must Skill in 2024

As one of the few YouTubers on this list that puts out AI tutorials almost exclusively, Krish Naik undeniably stands out. His comprehensive coverage of a wide range of AI topics and his promptness in testing newly launched AI platforms make him one of the go-to channels for intermediate-level AI explorers and programmers. He currently has over 1.9k videos altogether!

Krish Naik’s passion, warm demeanor, and mentoring background make his videos easy enough to follow. However, the content itself is more geared towards those with existing AI experience rather than complete beginners with zero knowledge. So for hardcore AI enthusiasts eager to deepen their understanding, this channel is a treasure trove of invaluable resources. He offers countless helpful tutorials on machine learning, deep learning, and data science. 

Some of his standout videos include building LLM pipelines with no code, transforming regular computers into AI PCs, and creating custom versions of the iconic Chrome Dino game (aka the little pixelated dinosaur that distracts you when you lose your internet connection). Additionally, Naik provides a crash course on fine-tuning generative AI LLM models and a beginner-friendly walkthrough of Google's Gemini Flash

Overall, I can confidently recommend Krish Naik for AI programmers looking to grow their knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience in programming and building with AI.

Andrej Karpathy

Channel: Andrej Karpathy

Subscribers: 467,000

Recommended Video: Let's build GPT: from scratch, in code, spelled out

Andrej Karpathy's YouTube channel only has around 14 videos, with his most recent one being posted three months ago. However, his impressive background as a former Director of AI at Tesla and founding member of OpenAI speaks volumes about his expertise – and has netted him a substantial Subscriber count of 467,000. 

He is, in fact, often listed as one of the go-to channels for LLM (Large Language Models) and MLP (multi-layer perceptron). 

Karpathy’s experience and achievements in the industry translate into unique and insightful content on AI, LLM, and GPT. His most popular video, "Let's build GPT: from scratch, in code, spelled out" showcases his expertise quite well. And, for what it’s worth, he’s able to break down an incredibly complex topic in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

But I do have to caution; if you have zero knowledge, experience, and/or just a passing, surface-level interest in AI, his tutorials will go over your head. Andrej Karpathy’s channel is an excellent resource for those seeking an insider's view on AI, but it might not be the most beginner-friendly option on this list.

Jeff Su

Channel: Jeff Su

Subscribers: 783,000

Recommended Video: Top 8 ChatGPT Productivity Tips for Work!

Jeff Su's channel specializes more in productivity hacks than AI tutorials and deep dives. However, he’s recently shifted his focus to exploring how generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini can be leveraged for work innovation and personal efficiency. He currently has about 198 videos in his channel.

One standout video, "Beginner to Pro with ChatGPT in One Year!", provides practical, actionable tips on how to best use the program.

Jeff Su’s friendly demeanor, clear communication style, and modern humor likely resonate well with young professionals (who make up a large chunk of his audience). He exudes an energetic and genuine personality that – in all honesty – is a breath of fresh air in his industry. By avoiding overhyping AI in his own advice, he remains a relatable source of information. 

Bonus: Jeff Su also has a website! He offers a wealth of free resources on work, productivity, and organization. He even has a few written tutorials specifically focused on using generative AI for professional projects.

Two Minute Papers

Channel: Two Minute Papers

Subscribers: 1,550,000

Recommended Video: 4 AI Experiments Where the AI Outsmarted Its Creators!

Two Minute Papers has, hands-down, some of the best video titles on this list. They’re expertly crafted to be attention-grabbing and informative without resorting to sensationalism. They make you want to click on the video without making any bold or too-good-to-be-true claims. Currently, they have about 892 videos.

I will admit that the consensus about their content is that it’s surface-level. Great concepts but not a lot of depth. However, this very quality is what makes Two Minute Papers an ideal resource for beginners and those new to the world of AI. The channel consistently delivers interesting, short-form videos on a near-weekly basis – like "Simulating A Virtual World … For A Thousand Years!" and "This AI Does Nothing In Games…And Still Wins!.” They’re quick, entertaining, and easy to consume, with an average runtime of only 5 to 8 minutes. 

This concise, friendly, and welcoming approach is exactly what solidifies Two Minute Papers as the most beginner-friendly AI YouTube channel on this list. 

Siraj Raval

Channel: Siraj Raval

Subscribers: 767,000

Recommended Video: I Built a Hedge Fund Run by AI Agents 

Siraj Raval's passion for AI shines in his YouTube channel. A technologist on “a mission to spread data literacy,” his content showcases inventive AI creations that he built himself. A few examples of which include: 

Siraj Raval’s bright and cheerful personality sells his videos, and his enthusiasm for artificial intelligence is infectious. His repertoire includes "how I built ____ with AI" tutorials, one-on-one discussions about AI news, and the occasional podcast episode. Beyond creative endeavors, he also films his attendance at tech forums, summits, and live demonstrations, providing a well-rounded perspective on the AI landscape. As of this writing, he currently has 467 videos on his channel.

Ultimately, Siraj Raval's YouTube channel is accessible and welcoming. He caters to those with little to no technical background, positioning himself as a valuable resource for individuals who want to learn how to build AI-powered programs from scratch. He’s also a source of engaging content for casual AI enthusiasts who don’t necessarily want to learn and are more interested in seeing AI in action.


Channel: howtoai

Subscribers: 112,000

Recommended Video: Bulk Create 1000 Monetizable YouTube Shorts In 10 Min (ChatGPT + Canva)

Howtoai stands out as one of the few YouTube channels on this list that explores the exciting intersection of AI and social media – with a particular focus on YouTube shorts and, quite recently, TikTok. This specialization makes their content a goldmine for younger audiences and content creators seeking to leverage AI for content creation. For instance, videos like “How To Create MONETIZABLE YouTube Shorts With New AI Method” and “I Found A Viral AI Niche For The TikTok Creativity Program Beta (it’s still untapped..)” cover topics that social media influencers and creators could find useful. 

Howtoai also maintains a pretty consistent upload schedule with an average of 3-5 videos per month. As of now, he has 80 videos on his channel. They offer a healthy mix of practical how-to guides, explorations of new AI tools, and discussions on AI news and the potential of AI. My one concern is that their video titles tend to be sensationalized – and they hype the capabilities of AI quite a bit. There’s very little mention of potential drawbacks or limitations.

But overall, howtoai is still a fantastic resource for beginners and anyone curious about leveraging AI in online businesses and startups. If you’re looking for in-depth technical tutorials for AI coding, scripting, and/or the LLM side of AI, you’d best look elsewhere. But if you want practical demonstrations of using AI in the social media sphere, howtoai is one of the best. 

Yannic Kilcher

Channel: Yannic Kilcher

Subscribers: 255,000

Recommended Video: AI made this music video | What happens when OpenAI’s CLIP meets BigGAN? 

Yannic Kilcher is a Machine Learning researcher and engineer, and he’s garnered a pretty niche following on YouTube with his one-of-a-kind videos about AI. He covers AI news and topics from refreshingly different perspectives, offering unique observations and presenting information in captivating, innovative ways. As of now, he has 462 videos uploaded on his channel!

I urge you to watch this video, as it perfectly sums up what kind of AI content he regularly puts out. In it, he demonstrates OpenAI’s CLIP capabilities by performing a catchy AI-composed song titled "Be My Weasel.” Other notable titles that define what kind of content he puts out include “Did Google’s LaMDA chatbot just become sentient?” and “I created an AI-powered Social Network.” 

Kilcher's channel stands out with its varied lineup of reaction videos, table readings, podcast-style discussions, and more. It’s a mix that caters to a wide range of viewer preferences. 

Overall, Yannic Kilcher's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for staying up-to-date on AI news and exploring its potential without getting bogged down by technical jargon. With both long-form and short-form content available, there’s definitely something for everyone. 

Matt Wolfe

Channel: Matt Wolfe

Subscribers: 602,000

Recommended Video: This Is Better Than GPT (With Prompting Guide) 

A self-proclaimed tech nerd who talks about “tech nerd stuff,” Matt Wolfe hosts one of the more interesting, entertaining, and engaging AI YouTube channels to date. His friendly and approachable demeanor makes it easy to get through the entirety of his videos. The fact that he speaks with authority and not with intimidation definitely helps. 

With perfectly crafted – and enticing – video titles like "7 Fascinating AI Tools You've NEVER Seen Before (Underground AI #4)" and "The PERFECT AI Prompt For Everything,” Matt Wolfe knows how to pique the viewer’s curiosity. His content is ideal for users looking to learn about the different AI platforms, programs, and tools readily available to the public. 

He even explains how a viral AI meme was created!

Matt Wolfe also follows a fairly consistent upload schedule, averaging about 2-3 videos per week that run anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes long. So far, he has about 259 videos on his channel to peruse through. His channel offers a steady stream of helpful tutorials, insightful explanations, and intriguing concepts. Overall, Matt Wolfe is one of the more playful and pleasant guides in the world of AI, with content catered towards beginner and intermediate-level AI enthusiasts. 

dainami ai 

Channel: dainami ai

Subscribers: 2,420

Recommended Video: I Made an Anime with AI in 24 Hours - No Experience Needed!  

While dainami ai may be a relatively smaller YouTube channel compared to others on this list, it covers a pretty interesting – if not niched – intersection: the convergence of anime and AI.

Because of this, their content perfectly showcases the more creative capabilities of AI: drawing, animation, character creation, image generation, and so on. Rather than focusing heavily on AI tutorials or deep dives into tech news and trends, dainami ai's channel documents the behind-the-scenes process of utilizing AI to achieve such capabilities. They currently have a 35 videos on the channel.

These videos can pique the interest of creatives curious about leveraging AI in their respective industries. Videos like their Uniqlo Ad in Space and the GTA 6 Anime series provide insights into the innovative ways AI can be utilized for artistic, animated media projects. 

Ultimately, if you're curious about AI and want to learn what sort of creative projects you can achieve with artificially intelligent technology, dainami ai's channel serves as an excellent source of information and inspiration.

Jason West

Channel: Jason West

Subscribers: 352,000

Recommended Video: New ChatGPT Update: Full GPT Builder Tutorial & Demo

Jason West’s YouTube channel is great for new AI enthusiasts who are interested in learning only a few select tools and platforms. Right now, he has a total of 238 videos on his channel. His videos cater almost exclusively to beginners who are content to explore within the limits of two popular programs: OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Gemini. 

Because of this, his views might not seem on par with other creators on this list. But don’t let the niche audience deter you from checking his channel out. Jason West remains one of the top recommended resources for those curious about the world of AI. 

In fact, his content is pretty similar to the user-friendly approach of Two Minute Papers. He introduces engaging concepts and topics through approachable videos with helpful titles such as "Can Claude 3 Dethrone GPT-4 Turbo & Gemini Ultra?", "GPT-4 Can Reply to Your Facebook Messages!", and "Use AI To Make Your Businesses Social Media Content." 

Jason West's curated focus on these specific AI tools makes his channel an excellent reference for individuals looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities and applications.

MattVidPro AI

Channel: MattVidPro AI

Subscribers: 260,000

Recommended Video: GPT-4o is WAY More Powerful than OpenAI is Telling us... 

Before he started regularly releasing AI videos, MattVidPro AI was a dedicated gaming channel specializing in Minecraft tips, tricks, and lesser-known facts. Now, his content offers casual – but no less thought-provoking – discussions on the vast potential of AI. He covers new AI agents, AI voice emulators, AI music and video generators, and other similar applications. He even shares his insights on the current state of AI from time to time. He has 479 videos altogether uploaded on his channel.

Part of what makes MattVidPro AI’s content so appealing is his laid-back delivery. All his videos, whether he’s talking about surprisingly good AI sound effects or reviewing some of the best AI storytelling tools, feel like you're conversing with a friend or friendly colleague. 

Although he only has a few how-to tutorials, his channel remains on this list as one of the best demonstrations of AI’s varied, flexible nature. He contextualizes just how multifunctional AI can be by showing how it can be used in different hobbies, industries, and activities. This versatile approach not only appeals to beginners seeking an introduction to AI's capabilities but also resonates with more experienced programmers, who can witness practical demonstrations of AI in action. 

Jensen Tung

Channel: Jensen Tung

Subscribers: 473,000

Recommended Video: How I Made A YouTube Channel Using Only AI 

Jensen Tung's YouTube channel primarily focuses on honest entrepreneurship and personal finance. However, he has recently tapped into the world of AI. He’s got a couple of interesting AI videos, most notable of which are his “AI Side Hustles” videos and AI art videos. In total, there are about 105 videos on his channel.


His AI Side Hustles videos showcase him testing odd jobs that people claim they do to earn extra income with AI. Aside from demonstrating the real-world applications and capabilities of AI technology, Jensen Tung’s videos also expose the truth behind these sensationalized claims. 

Indeed, some question the ethics of these popular "AI Side Hustles." But his raw honesty and transparency in presenting the results of his experiments is what netted him such a large and loyal fanbase. In fact, in his “I Tried The Easiest AI Side Hustle For 30 Days” video, he actually lost money. And he didn’t sugarcoat it.

This genuine approach not only highlights the practicality of AI but also underscores Jensen Tung's commitment to authenticity. For those seeking to explore how AI can be leveraged to potentially generate supplemental income, Jensen Tung's channel offers a unique and candid perspective on the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

The AI Advantage

Channel: The AI Advantage

Subscribers: 244,000

Recommended Video: How Microsoft ML Researcher Actually Uses GPT 

The AI Advantage is a self-proclaimed “power user” when it comes to AI. He describes himself as a “tech-enthusiastic consumer that obsesses over finding what’s possible” with AI tools. His content offers a conversational approach to teaching and discussing tools, trends, and news on artificial intelligence. He also posts quite regularly, which makes his channel ideal for those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in AI tech. He has 286 videos so far altogether!

The AI Advantage's engaging and personable style, which makes viewers feel like they're having a one-on-one discussion with him, has cultivated a pretty loyal fanbase. With compelling titles like "Unbelievable AI News You Can Use" and "Easiest AI Social Media Strategy You Can Do Today," his videos feel like animated and narrated listicles. This format easily resonates with casual and new AI explorers. 

While his channel may not be the best source for step-by-step tutorials on using specific AI tools and platforms, it’s great for those interested in AI in general. He provides well-formulated insights and commentary on the latest AI tech that’s shaping the field.

Aladdin Persson

Channel: Aladdin Persson

Subscribers: 75,800

Recommended Video: Introduction to Object Detection in Deep Learning

Aladdin Persson's channel is a veritable gold mine for coding tutorials, with a particular emphasis on machine learning and deep learning. Thanks to his dry, modern sense of humor, his content seems to appeal to a slightly younger audience. 

However, his knowledge and expertise in his chosen subjects can’t be denied.

Boasting an impressive array of tutorials, Aladdin Persson's channel offers comprehensive guides like utilizing ChatGPT/GPT-4 API and a series dedicated to PyTorch Lightning. Even those new to the field can find accessible entry points in his repertoire, such as his insightful "What is Machine Learning?" video. It breaks down complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. As of right now, he has 213 videos on his channel.

Overall, Aladdin Persson's channel presents a well-balanced resource for both novice and intermediate AI programmers. While possessing some prior knowledge of AI can make navigating his videos a little easier, his content remains accessible enough for newcomers to explore without feeling completely lost in the material.

Explore Different Discussions & Perspectives on YouTube to Grow Your AI Expertise

YouTube is a fantastic place to find AI lessons packaged in a format that appeals to various learning styles – from auditory to visual to even hands-on. 

But given how oversaturated it is, it’s important to find and follow only credible channels. You can’t simply accept advice from just any channel with attractive thumbnails and a few thousand subscribers. Try to prioritize content creators with real-world experience, knowledge, and established credentials. 

Hopefully, one or two of the channels on this list resonate with you and provide you with valuable insights into the world of AI.

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