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Introducing Personas: Teach Your AI to Write Just Like You

At HyperWrite, we're always striving to make AI writing tools more powerful, intuitive, and tailored to your unique needs. Today, we're thrilled to announce our latest breakthrough feature: Personas. With Personas, you can tap into our curated selection of styles from Professional to Academic, or easily create your own custom Persona that writes and acts exactly how you want every single time.

Introducing Personas: Teach Your AI to Write Just Like You
AI That Sounds Like You

Tired of AI-generated content that still has that unmistakable "robotic" tone? With Personas, those days are behind us. This groundbreaking feature allows you to teach your AI assistant to write in your exact style, seamlessly capturing your voice, preferences, and personality.

Switch Between Styles in a Snap

Need to adapt your writing style for different projects or audiences? Personas makes it effortless to toggle between our pre-made writing personas or your own custom personas. Whether you're crafting a formal business proposal, a casual blog post, or anything in between, your AI will instantly adjust its tone and language to match the persona you've selected.

Explore Our Curated Personas

To get you started, our team at HyperWrite has curated a selection of popular personas. Become a persuasive Professional, an analytical Academic Researcher, or a lightning-fast AI Search Engine. These personas are ready to use out of the box, or you can further refine them to fit your unique needs.

The Power of HyperWrite's Custom Llama 3 Model

Under the hood of Personas is our custom version of Meta's Llama 3 70B model. Our team has spent weeks refining and optimizing this cutting-edge language model to write more human-like than ever before. In fact, our custom model is outperforming popular closed source models in user preference tests and leads to an even more consistent and natural writing style, when used both with and without a Persona selected.

Case Study: Craft Your Ideal Support Assistant

Imagine having an AI support assistant that responds to user inquiries with the same warmth, professionalism, and product knowledge as you would. With Personas, you can create this tailored support persona by feeding in examples of your past email responses, key details about your product or service, and any specific guidance on tone and style. The AI will then generate responses that feel like they're coming directly from you, elevating your customer support experience while saving you time.

Unleash Your AI's Wild Side

Feeling adventurous? Try out our Wild Card persona, where your AI will take on a random, playful personality. You might find your AI writing like a swashbuckling pirate one moment, a charming southern belle the next, or perhaps a proper British gentleman. The Wild Card persona is a fun way to discover new ideas for personas and keep your AI interactions fresh and engaging.

Start Your Personas Journey Today

Personas is rolling out to HyperWrite users now. We can't wait to see how you'll harness this powerful feature to take your writing to the next level. As always, we're eager to hear your feedback and will be continually refining and expanding the capabilities of Personas based on your input.

Upgrade your writing experience with Personas. Try it now and discover the personalized AI that writes just like you.

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