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How To Use AI To Write Copy for a New Startup Quickly

Crafting compelling website copy for your new startup can be difficult and time-consuming. You want to ensure quality content without spending too much time on the actual writing. HyperWrite can help you strike that balance.

How To Use AI To Write Copy for a New Startup Quickly

If you’re a solopreneur, then you probably feel like you’re juggling a million things every day. From overseeing product and sales to managing customer relations and brand reputation, there’s always something to do.

Now, if you’re a solopreneur with a brand-new startup, copywriting might be one of your biggest time drains. With all the administrative and entrepreneurial tasks you have to take care of, who has the time (or resources) for professional copywriting? 

Here's where AI can step in. HyperWrite has a number of AI-powered tools that do more than just check your spelling and grammar. They can analyze your marketing goals, learn your selling points, and adopt your brand voice to create a captivating website copy to promote your startup – in seconds. Even if you’re not a master at prompts or inputting a ton of information either!

Let me show you how to get started with some examples:

Utilize the Website Landing Page Copy tool

For the landing page, HyperWrite’s Website Landing Page Copy tool will help you create a “compelling website landing page copy that will convert users.” 

For the sake of time and efficiency, this is one of HyperWrite’s best tools for creating website content. It gives you so much content in seconds using minimal information. You just need to specify the product or service you’re selling and who you plan to sell it to.

With just those two pieces of data, HyperWrite can return quality content for your landing page. 

And remember that you can get more options and variations of the page copy by hitting the “Generate” button again. Just make sure not to change any of the information in the left fields. 

While I’m pretty happy with the general vibe and structure of the landing page copy, I feel like the terms used are too superfluous. Words like “adornment,” “medley,” and “impeccably crafted” feel a bit too over-the-top for my personal brand. These are terms better suited for luxury jewelry products – not handmade jewelry boxes. 

So I ran the entire copy through HyperWrite’s Expert Writing Assistant tool with the following request:

Can you please rewrite the following landing page copy so that it reads better and uses more natural, conversational language?

The Expert Writing Assistant is one of HyperWrite’s most top-notch tools. You can ask it to do any writing task. Using powerful LLMs, this tool will fulfill what you ask of it while providing feedback to elevate your future writing. It’s like having a 24/7 professional editor and mentor for all your writing concerns.

And here’s the rewritten version of the landing page copy:

Now, this version feels more true to my brand. It utilizes more natural verbiage – aka words you’d actually use in everyday conversation – and reads more rhythmically. I prefer the headings in this copy, too. They feel more modern and are just snappier overall.

“You’re Unique. Your Jewelry Box Should Be Too” and “Your Treasures, Your Story”  are especially appealing.

So, with these two tools – Website Landing Page Copy and Expert Writing Assistant – I have the front page of my website.

Use the Product Description Ad Copy Generator

For the product page, I’d like a short copy at the top. Like a description that encourages the visitor to keep scrolling down. HyperWrite’s Product Description Ad Copy Generator actually does a pretty good job of writing short but punchy product copy. It can be used for ads – hence the name – but it works just as well as a simple page copy.

You just need to input the product description and your target audience. 

I decided to be specific with my product’s features since it’s a customizable item. But you don’t need to input as much information – HyperWrite will return a copy regardless of how short or vague the data is.

As you can see, it returned three options for the product page description. I like how the first option flows and I like how the third option emphasizes my products as gifts. So I’d probably use Option 1 for the main product page and Option 3 for a separate product page where users can specifically order jewelry boxes as a gift.

I wasn’t a hundred percent sold on the wording of Option 1 so I ran it through the Expert Writing Assistant to get a few more variations. 

But after rereading the new variations a few times, I realized the original text was the best version. It just needed a few tweaks for tone and style and it was good to go! But I’m still happy I ran the copy through the Expert Writing Assistant too because I liked the new headline it gave me.

So I replaced “Design Your Dream Jewelry Box” with “Your Jewelry Box, Your Way” from the shortened version of the copy. I feel like it fits my brand better. It’s short, simple, and feels like a better hook.

Here’s the final product page description: 

Your Jewelry Box, Your Way

Imagine storing your treasured pieces in a jewelry box that's as unique as you. Our personalized boxes let you bring your vision to life. Choose from three rich leather colors; a dusky pink, a classic brown, or an elegant gray. Pick from 12 birth month flowers as the center image then add your name beneath in any of our four elegant fonts. Every detail reflects your personal style. 

Let this simple – yet exquisite – jewelry box tell your story.

I love that it 1) matches my brand, and 2) took me all of two minutes to edit and finalize.

Generate a Marketing Post with LinkedIn Post Creator

As part of my marketing strategy, I’d like to post on LinkedIn about my decision to start this business. The post should contain a few key points:

  • I decided to sell these boxes because I love personalized gifts
  • I think personalized gifts are the best way to show someone you truly thought of them (as opposed to buying them store-bought items) even if the gift is “generic” or “plain”
  • I believe personalized gifts should be accessible and affordable

HyperWrite’s LinkedIn Post Creator helps you “craft impactful LinkedIn posts”. Though it isn’t specifically designed for marketing posts, it still creates content I can use to get my name and brand out there. 

All you need to provide is a post description. It can be as short and as simple as “networking tips for professionals” or it can be as long as mine below:

And here’s what HyperWrite wrote from that:

Short, sweet, and flows well. 

Remember that the output is highly dependent on what sort of information or discussion points you include in the description. The more data you provide, the more specific the results. But if you use a generic description, you’ll get a pretty generic post. 

Needless to say, I’m happy with what HyperWrite generated for me. I’d maybe expand on a few paragraphs or add a personal story to make it more meaningful. Other than that, this is basically 50% of the work done. I just need to refine it (I’ll probably use Expert Writing Assistant again) and make sure it matches my brand voice. 

Then I’d add a link to my shop in a CTA (call to action) at the end.

And speaking of which … 

Yup! HyperWrite also has a Call To Action tool that can generate simple but effective CTAs you can use anywhere. You just need to specify your target audience, your desired action (i.e., what you want the audience to do after they read your message), and the benefits they’ll get when they complete the desired action.

As you can see, it provides three possible CTAs so just choose which one best suits your post or brand. For instance, I personally would use Option 2. It reads well and uses elevated – but still conversational – terms.

Create PR Content with Flexible Press Release Generator

According to the 2024 State of the Media Report, press releases remain the #1 type of content journalists want from PR pros. Press releases are also known to drive SEO traffic, increase customer engagement, and establish brand credibility

I’d like to have a press release as part of my content strategy during my launch. It’s a good way to control the narrative and ensure I’m putting out as much hype as possible while my website is still new and exciting. 

And since HyperWrite’s Flexible Press Release Generator can write a solid, structured press release based on a simple summary, why not take advantage of it?  

Press releases are particularly challenging to write for creative writers. They’re more formal, more technical, and need to have minimum adjectives and fillers.

Thankfully, HyperWrite has a good grasp of what constitutes a viable press release. The paragraphs are succinct and to the point; the format is clean and clinical; and the context paints my business in a fresh, credible light.

Curate Website Content with Blog Post Generator

HyperWrite’s Blog Post Generator is one of the best ways to quickly create and curate content for your website. In my startup’s case, I’d like to have maybe 3-5 blogs posted before launching, each one being around 600 - 1000 words. And though I enjoy writing, churning out 1,800 - 5,000 words would definitely take me a while. 

With HyperWrite, I can create several “high-quality, engaging, and SEO-friendly blog posts” for me in a matter of minutes. Instead of writing blog posts from scratch, I can just have the platform generate a rough first draft, then I’ll edit and refine as needed. It’s just faster and more efficient. 

Like all the other tools, the Blog Post Generator is incredibly user-friendly. Just plug the information in (blog topic + keywords you want to include) and let AI do the work.

The results:

It’s a pretty solid first draft (and it was written in just a few seconds, too). I feel like the language is a bit too stiff in some areas so I’d ideally run the copy through the Expert Writing Assistant (again) and ask it to make the tone more conversational.

I also feel like the blog is a bit shorter than I’d like, so I turn to the Paragraph Expander to make some parts a little lengthier. 

It expands a paragraph or “a given idea” into a “more comprehensive and high-quality” piece of content. 

Although I do feel like the new version is too expanded, it’s easier for me to trim and delete unnecessary sentences than to think of new ones to pad out the original content. So this is a win for me. I’ll cut down the second version a bit until I reach a happy medium between the two.

Use HyperWrite to Create Compelling Copy for Your Startup

HyperWrite is a game-changer for new startup owners. Instead of forcing yourself to write copy from scratch, you can instead use AI to generate clear, rich content to help promote and verify your brand. 

A team of copywriters would be preferable, of course. But if you don’t have the resources to invest in them yet (since you’re still starting out), AI is a more affordable and immediate alternative. It also ensures efficiency and productivity. Plus, using HyperWrite to generate the copy yourself ensures complete control over the content you put out. 

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