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How to Use AI to Write an Incredible & Persuasive Essay

HyperWrite’s suite of professional tools can help you write effective and persuasive essays more efficiently.

How to Use AI to Write an Incredible & Persuasive Essay

Whether you’re a student, a professional writer, or a literary hobbyist, writing a persuasive essay is tough. The goal is to make a strong enough case that the intended readers agree (without feeling forced or coerced). But it's really easy to get this kind of writing wrong. 

Some people sound too pushy while others just don't have enough proof to back up their points. A lot of people just can’t capture that perfectly persuasive tone, too–the one that’s charismatic but compelling, eloquent and subtly convincing.

What’s worse is that bad writing, wrong grammar, and spelling errors can hurt your argument (and credibility). 

HyperWrite helps me craft effectively persuasive essays in a shorter amount of time. It’s still a challenge, of course, but it’s one I don’t dread as much–especially with HyperWrite handling a lot of the pre and post-writing tasks. 

With most of the grunt work covered, I’m free to focus on my writing.

Find Supporting Evidence

Tools Used: AI Search Engine & Scholar AI

You can’t write a persuasive essay without hard, solid evidence to back up your argument. Using HyperWrite to do most of the research and then supplementing it with my own notes and findings has dramatically speed up my prep time. 

I rarely use Google for my data gathering now unless I’m looking for extra information or I need to verify some minor details.

Hours of Research Done in Seconds. HyperWrite’s AI Search Engine essentially acts as a powerful and intelligent search engine that goes beyond just finding and returning results. It organizes data relevant to your query and summarizes different sources for easy review. I no longer need to click on a link and read through the whole thing to understand the main point or message. 

HyperWrite gives me an overview that I can easily skim to find the information I want in seconds.

Now, if I were to search for this information on Google manually:

I get news articles and feature pieces instead of names. Not bad or irrelevant per se, but that’s an extra hour or so of me combing the content to get usable info.

Finds Peer-Reviewed Articles. I sometimes use HyperWrite’s Scholar AI feature when my argument gets quite technical or statistical and I need information from qualified sources (i.e., academic journals, peer-reviewed articles, published dissertations, etc.).

Just like the AI Search Engine, Scholar AI quickly finds, curates, and organizes information from more scholarly sources. It is just as intuitive and intelligent as the search tool. I even ask follow-up questions in one thread and I don’t need to constantly reiterate or repeat the original query. 

Refine Your Tone

Tools Used: Expert Writing Assistant & Rewrite Content

When you need to write a compelling and convincing argument, the right tone is everything. 

If my essays are built on a strong opinion or argument, I try to find a tone that’s assertive and assured but still informative and respectful of opposing opinions. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, you know. 

So, if I’m not 100 percent sure I nailed it, I run my text through HyperWrite to get some pointers and possible suggestions.

Real-Time Feedback. HyperWrite’s Expert Writing Assistant is incredibly helpful throughout the entire writing process. It is, quite literally, a writing assistant. It can write the first draft of my essay or create an essay outline for me to follow. And if I include requests in my prompt for specific voice, tone, readability level, and the like, the program actually explains how it would write its response based on the prompt. 

So it doesn’t just give me written content; it gives me tips and advice for future reference.

Think of it as an editor who is always available to analyze your current text, provide feedback, and suggest improvements. Regardless of how detailed (or not) my instructions are, HyperWrite delivers every time.

Rewrite in Seconds. If I want a longer and more detailed rewrite, I turn to the Rewrite Content tool. It doesn’t require any specific prompt–just paste the text you need rewritten, add some instructions, then let HyperWrite do its magic.

Sometimes the Expert Writing Assistant will condense the original text into a much shorter version–especially if I tell it I want the content to be snappier or more engaging. The Rewrite Content option, on the other hand, sticks as close to the original length as possible.

I’ve had occasions where I preferred one over the other so it really depends on what your specific writing needs are. But both are excellent for getting that convincing yet charismatic tone just right. 

Polish Your Prose. I also depend on HyperWrite’s Expert Writing Assistant to polish the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of my final draft. Small mistakes in any of these areas can affect my credibility and, by extension, people’s trust in me. I’d rather not risk it.

I use Grammarly (a free grammar and spell-checking browser extension) for the initial review. Once it’s all green, I pass the draft to HyperWrite for the final clean-up. 

Anticipate Counterarguments

Tools Used: Expert Questions Answering & Explain Like I’m 5

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

I can’t defend my argument if I don’t know what the opposing viewpoints are. If there’s a counter-argument I don’t know about, I can’t research and come up with a suitable defense against it. 

This will make it easy for people to find flaws in my essay. 

When that happens, I lose credibility. It goes from being persuasive to just being opinionated–which is not the desired outcome.

Quickly Find Other Angles. Rather than spending an extra three or four hours researching all possible arguments, I just use HyperWrite’s Expert Question Answering tool. As the name suggests, it basically gathers and analyzes credible information to provide a high-quality answer to your question.

In this case, I ask it to provide potential counter-arguments for my stance.

HyperWrite gives me clear, concise answers that are also helpfully linked. That way, I can easily check them out to verify the statements and potentially learn more about them. 

Now, if I were to ask Google the same question, I’d get these results: 

Relevant but unorganized. I’d have to read each result myself, verify that they’re credible, try and understand what the reports are saying, and then decide if it’s a strong counter-argument to my point. 

I mean, I can do that if I have the time to. But asking HyperWrite to help is just so much quicker and more efficient. 

Easy Explanations in Seconds. I also sometimes use HyperWrite’s Explain Like I’m 5 feature when the other opinions and/or possible counter-arguments are a little over my head. This tool basically simplifies a complex topic by breaking it down into words, terms, and phrases that are much easier for the general public to understand.

Cute, simple, and it takes just seconds to generate. I’ve actually had HyperWrite explain Quantum Physics to me using this tool and it was very informative! Highly recommend you do the same when you’ve got time. It’s quite eye-opening.

I can create a stronger, more robust argument if I know what the counter-arguments are. HyperWrite helps me find these counter-arguments so I can include suitable defenses against them in my essay.

Other HyperWrite Features for Persuasive Essay Writing

Here are some other HyperWrite tools I sometimes use when writing compelling essays. I don’t use them as often as the ones I already mentioned but they come in handy every now and then.

  • Content Idea Generator. Enter any topic or subject in any niche and HyperWrite returns five related ideas you can use for content. I use this if I want to add more sections to my essay to strengthen my point.

  • LinkedIn Post Generator. This content-generating tool writes like a compelling LinkedIn post. When my topic is more technical or more business-related, I use this feature to craft the first draft before turning to the Expert Writing Assistant for more refined writing.

  • Text Summarizer. When I don’t have the time to thoroughly read some sources, I use this tool. It generates a concise summary of any text you paste or link in the given box. It’s especially useful when I have more than a dozen sources to reference.

Use HyperWrite AI to Write Compelling and Persuasive Essays 

Generative AI shouldn’t replace human-authored writing. But this doesn’t mean we can’t use AI to make writing easier. A lot of writers feel burnt out and unable to progress with their writing because there are just so many other tasks to accomplish. There’s research, reviewing, refining, spell-checking, brainstorming, and more. 

We can never just write.

With HyperWrite handling the non-writing (but still essential) assignments, I can focus on the words I’m using, the structure of my paragraphs, and the strength of my tone. I can get instant feedback to improve my content on the spot. I can get multiple variations of my text if I’m not feeling a hundred percent satisfied with the original.

It’s honestly a literal game-changer.

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