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How To Use AI to Overcome Writer's Block and Creative Obstacles

Writer’s block happens to the best of us – but that’s rarely a viable excuse when content needs to be created. Here’s how you can use HyperWrite to climb out of the creative ditches and come up with something truly inspired.

How To Use AI to Overcome Writer's Block and Creative Obstacles

Creativity is a resource. Powerful when it’s present but perpetually capable of running dry. Doesn’t matter how inspired you are on the regular – your creative juices will run out. We’ve all been there.

And, sure, creativity comes back. But if creating clever concepts is a crucial part of your day-to-day and you’ve got a deadline coming up, can you really afford to wait? 

Enter AI – a powerful tool that may potentially be the answer to common creative concerns: writer’s block, no originality, lack of inspiration, etc. By using AI to generate ideas and draft content, you could overcome these dreaded productivity roadblocks. 

But how? 

Let me show you how HyperWrite can be used for more than just AI-powered writing assistance. In this article, I’ll share some of the tried-and-true tools that help me push past the creative blockades time and time again. 

First off, let’s start with writer’s block:

Make Autobiographies Interesting With the Creative Story Writer

HyperWrite’s Creative Story Writer is described as an “AI-powered tool” that “generates unique story ideas, plots, characters, settings, and themes using the prompt and guidelines you provide.” 

Simply put, this tool enables HyperWrite to create a fully detailed outline for your creative story. All you need to do is provide a story prompt, the intended genre, the setting, the book’s working title, and the characters you want to include. 

This tool doesn’t spin stories from scratch. Rather, it takes your original concepts and sculpts them into a cohesive tale.

This is an excellent tool to use if you have to write non-fiction pieces, like autobiographies or biopics. If you have to turn someone’s life story into content, why not make it creative and entertaining? Think how 2017’s The Greatest Showman movie managed to rewrite P.T. Barnum – one of the biggest scammers in history – as a clever, ambitious businessman with dreams too bold and too lofty for polite society.

All you need to do is input your research. The tool will do the heavy lifting. 

You can then use HyperWrite’s outline as a foundation for your full story. It provides a timeline, plot-driving events, and elements you can include to ensure your story falls under the intended genre. 

Even if the final polished product is a far cry from what HyperWrite generated, this is a fantastic tool to use in jumpstarting the creative process and start working on the meat of your story.

Create Viral ARG Horror TikToks with the Movie Plot Generator

ARG – or Alternate Reality Games – TikToks have successfully taken over social media (especially TikTok) in the past couple of years. These videos are essentially interactive short stories cut up into sequential parts, with the viewers able to influence what happens next through comments and suggestions.

They’re like Choose Your Own Adventure books, only in video format. And unlike Choose Your Own Adventure books, viewers can’t go back and pick another option. They have to watch the vlogger (who, in this case, is the Player Character) face the consequences of their choice. 

This interactive element is a huge reason why ARG videos became so popular – especially in the horror genre. Some are so well done, they’ve managed to convince their viewers they were watching supernatural elements caught on film. Others, though immediately marked as ARGs, are so well-written that they manage to keep the viewers enthralled from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a way to promote your page or you want to grow your following, why not use HyperWrite’s Movie Plot Generator to write an ARG Horror video?

This tool can turn a short story description into a movie by generating several key elements (setting, characters, conflict, and resolution) based on the information. 

The story description can be as vague or as detailed as needed. HyperWrite will create essential characters, events, and a timeline that you can use to start drafting an ARG horror video. 

You can even generate the same prompt several times, specifying alternate endings (good ending, bad ending, open-ended, etc.) to create different plot variations and events for your viewers to choose from.

Craft Relevant SEO Blog Posts with the SEO-Friendly Blog Post Writer

When you need to write a full-length, SEO-friendly post but your writer’s block is at an all-time high, let AI jumpstart the process for you.

HyperWrite’s SEO-Friendly Blog Post Writer is a tool that “creates high-quality, search engine optimized blog posts based on your chosen keywords or topics.” All you have to do is give the program the subject of your blog post (i.e., ARG Horror TikTok Videos) and the keywords you want to rank for (i.e., horror videos, scary tiktoks, ARG scary tiktoks, etc.). 

HyperWrite will, in turn, create a full-length piece that – ideally – is engaging, informative, and has your chosen keywords scattered strategically throughout.

While you can't dictate the exact length of the AI-generated content, it still provides a solid enough springboard for your own blog post. Using this tool means you don’t need to write anything from scratch. You just need to edit, modify, and refine the generated text – saving you tons of time and creative energy. 

And, given how intuitive HyperWrite is, you can even ask it to craft additional sections for your request. In the same request thread! You don’t need to do additional research (unless you need to fact-check claims) or writing for this, either. Just tell it what you want to include (i.e., an extra paragraph that explains the addiction to ARG horror videos) and HyperWrite will write it for you. In seconds. 

Here’s a bonus tip for this tool: if the initial draft isn't close enough to what you envisioned, simply hit the "Regenerate" button. This will create a fresh new variation of the same blog post. 

You can also supplement the finished product with blog-related HyperWrite tools, like the Paragraph Expander (good for adding length and depth to a single-line idea) or the Generate Blog Intro (which, as the name suggests, can generate a solid opening paragraph for your post).

Generate Captivating Social Media Posts with the Social Media Ad Copy 

Want to write a great Instagram caption for your product photo? Promote your brand on Facebook? Post a viral tweet that inspires lengthy discussions?

HyperWrite’s Social Media Ad Copy can help you find the words you need to make this happen. This tool crafts rich, compelling ad copy specifically tailored to promote your product or service to your intended audience by highlighting the unique selling point.

From the information you give it, this tool generates three possible ad copies – all short, sweet, and perfect for posting on social media. 

You can also generate new results if the first three ones don’t quite fit what you’re looking for. Just hit the “Generate” button again (without changing any of the information in the left fields).

One potentially lacking feature for this tool is that you can’t specify the platform you want it for. So some generated copies may be too long or too wordy for their intended audience. But this is a minor non-issue, and the convenience of having social media content written for you in seconds more than outweighs the oversight.

You can always trim and edit HyperWrite’s output as needed, anyway. 

Now let’s get into other tools to help with creative obstacles:

Conceptualize a Creative Video Series with the Content Idea Generator

Use the Content Idea Generator tool to have AI come up with five unique content ideas based on a subject, topic, or niche. HyperWrite uses related public media – like trending issues, common questions, and community forum discussions – to generate relevant ideas that can be used for articles, videos, or social media posts.

You can literally input any topic imaginable.

HyperWrite will return five pertinent content ideas for you to use. Some may even have related links for reference and research! 

So if you’re trying to come up with engaging posts for your social media, why not use this Content Idea Generator to launch a five-part video series on your platform?

In this example, I can use all five ideas as the titles – and main topics – of each video. The first one would be an analysis of the top five Horror ARG TikTok videos. I could use the fourth suggestion – “The Intersection of Analog Horror and ARGs on TikTok” – as a follow-up video. The third suggestion would work as a third video that provides a deeper and more specific analysis on popular ARG TikToks.

And so on.

You get the gist. If your creative juices have been drained dry, just turn to AI. 

Get a Content Marketing Plan in Seconds with the AI Content Planner

Got some specific marketing goals but no current clue on how to reach them?

That is what a marketing team is for. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds or resources to quickly access one. For freelancers, solo brand owners, and new startups, investing in a solid team of three to four experienced marketers may simply not be possible.

Don’t worry; HyperWrite’s got you.

One of my favorite tools is HyperWrite’s AI Content Planner. I use it to supplement my content concepts and help plan my content calendar.

What it does is essentially create a marketing strategy for you in seconds, taking into account your industry, target demographic, and marketing goals. This overview will include blog topics, social media posts, emails, events, and more. It’s intuitive and intelligent enough to analyze industry trends and audience preferences to ensure its suggestions are current, viable, and proven.

It’s better to just show what it can do. So, in this example, I’m asking it to generate a marketing strategy for my “personalized and handmade gifts” business. I want to focus on customer retention and gain new customers through referrals. 

In less than a minute, HyperWrite generated 7 content pillars and a minimum of six content pieces to post for the next three months (May to July).

This tool is proof of how much of a game-changer AI can be. Even if I don’t end up using all of the suggestions in this plan, there are still more than enough fresh ideas in here to provide a foundation for at least a month of content: customer stories, gift guides, lifestyle posts, and more. 

And HyperWrite’s suggestions for content on certain holidays show that its ideas are relevant, informed, and up-to-date, such as:

  • A gift guide for Mother’s and Father’s Day
  • Limited-time gifts for National Donut Day and World Oceans Day
  • Blog posts for Memorial Day and PTSD Awareness Day 

Master Pinterest Posts with the Content Kick-Start Tool

Given that HyperWrite is a writing assistant, Pinterest is probably the last platform you’d expect it to help with. But HyperWrite’s dedication to content creation is pretty unmatched. Ergo, it should come as no surprise that it has tools you can use to conceptualize Pinterest posts too. 

I’ve used HyperWrite’s Content Kick-Start tool multiple times now to help brainstorm concepts for my posts (especially when my creativity’s all tapped out). This tool “provides you with a strategic roadmap to start your content creation process.” It asks for the type of content you want to create, your topic, and your target audience. 

Given this information, HyperWrite then returns tips, strategies, and ideas to help you create your intended content.

So while it doesn’t actually create Pinterest posts for me, it gives me an idea of what kind of posts I should design or curate to match my brand and appeal to my audience. For instance, curated gift guides, printable tutorials, and a “Makers to Watch” list that highlights other business owners in the industry, opening the doors for potential future collaborations. 

Note that I’m using Pinterest posts for the sake of this example. There are dozens of content types you can specify for this tool, such as eBooks, blog posts, LinkedIn articles, and so on.

Expand Creative Concepts with the Concept Brainstorming Assistant

HyperWrite’s Concept Brainstorming Assistant is hands-down one of the best AI tools you should use when you’ve got a single creative concept but are stuck on the details. It expands your initial concept and develops it further using your related concepts to create a detailed content overview with fresh ideas, elements, and suggestions.

You can use it to further define and visualize a product, create a digital marketing campaign strategy, plan a live event, or even build a small business based on a service.

For instance, I used it to detail a five-part horror ARG video series for YouTube.

It returned plenty of elements that I could use to embellish and improve my initial project idea – a working title, a summary for each episode, a recommended episode structure, and more.

It doesn’t show in the screenshot, but HyperWrite also suggested I include ARG elements like cryptic messages and hidden symbols, encouraging fans to discuss and share their theories on the platform (and garner more comments and engagement). It even suggested additional related themes to cover in the series such as claustrophobia, disorientation, and the psychological effects of isolation.

This is incredibly deep and intuitive stuff – and an absolute godsend for anyone who needs to kickstart the creative process. 

Use HyperWrite to Help You Brainstorm Fresh Content Ideas & Circumvent Creative Blocks

When inspiration fades, don’t beat yourself up – and don’t force yourself either! The last thing you want to do is release an uninspired take on a half-baked concept for the world to see. It’s unflattering and you do yourself no favors.

Writer’s block and clogged creativity happen to the best of us. And when they (inevitably) happen to you, it’s good to have a source of artistry to draw from when the well runs dry. HyperWrite can be the springboard that reignites your creative spark. As it feeds you fresh ideas, you may find yourself becoming inspired and capable of generating strong creative concepts.

With AI on your side, you can clamber over writer’s block with ease.

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