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How to Summarize Articles with AI in 3 Clicks

AI is changing the way we interact with digital content, and HyperWrite’s Text Summarizer tool is no exception. It gives users the ability to summarize articles for a quick read – a feat that has many practical uses in both personal and professional capacities.

How to Summarize Articles with AI in 3 Clicks

Did you know that the average American consumes about 34 GB of data and information every day?

It’s no surprise then that students, professionals, and curious hobbyists alike are looking for ways to efficiently process text content. When you start encountering dozens – if not hundreds – of articles, essays, and reports on a daily basis, reading and analyzing become exhausting. These materials are no doubt enriching – but they’re also overwhelming.

With just a few clicks, HyperWrite can give you an accurate overview of the key points of any article. It can condense thousands of words into a couple hundred without disregarding important information. This, as you might guess, is useful for a handful of reasons.

But before we get into those reasons, let me show you how you can use HyperWrite to summarize articles.

Step 1. Open HyperWrite & Access the Text Summarizer Tool

When you land on HyperWrite assistant’s homepage, you should see a box labeled Text Summarizer on the left, right below the Education category. 

Click on it to open the Text Summarizer tool.

Step 2. Paste Content or Link to Content

When you open the tool, you’ll see a text field labeled Text to Summarize.

You can paste either of the following:

  1. The actual text content you want summarized.
  1. A link to the page that contains the content you want summarized.

Step 3. Click the Submit Button 

Once you’ve pasted the text or link, click the blue Submit button.

HyperWrite should return a full summary of the provided content. 

Yes, it really is that easy.

Why Summarize Articles?

Summarizing articles is just one example of how AI is streamlining content creation. But aside from making it easier - and quicker - for us to consume text, here are the benefits of summarizing text using HyperWrite’s Text Summarizer tool:

  • Quick Research. If your work or studies require a lot of research, HyperWrite’s Text Summarizer can lighten your load. Have it summarize various papers and articles so you can quickly read and review their key information. From this, you can then determine their relevance. This saves you from having to skim through dozens of pages of potentially unrelated material. 

And with the time you save, you can focus more on synthesizing the data and integrating it into cohesive, compelling content.  

  • Speedy Decision-Making. AI-summarized content can also help streamline the decision-making process. Say you’re tasked with choosing a new internal system and need to read 15 proposals. It’ll take you maybe a few days to read just to comprehend them all. But if you can get AI to condense all 15 proposals, you can grasp the core ideas and make an informed decision within a day.
  • Summarize Your Own Content. Providing a summary of your own content can give you a significant advantage online – especially in marketing. Your audience is already at risk of information overload due to the saturated online marketing. And, given our shrinking attention spans, many appreciate being able to quickly ascertain a piece's core message before committing to a deeper read.

HyperWrite can help summarize and replace certain sections of your writing that you feel are too long or too redundant. It can also craft a summary of your article and place it somewhere that’s easily accessible to your audience – like at the beginning of your post, for instance. This allows readers to instantly grasp your main points without needing to dive into the full text. They can then decide whether to explore your content in more detail based on your initial summary. 

By providing an AI-generated summary, you ensure your key points reach your audience, even if they don't consume the entire work. 

  • Curate Better Content. Summarized articles are also practical in content curation. If you need to compile a list of the best online sources, for whatever topic, you can have HyperWrite summarize the potential candidates. This way, you can quickly read (and filter) dozens of options in a matter of minutes – versus the handful of hours you’d originally spend painstakingly reading through a hundred or so pages. 

By leveraging AI, you can curate top-notch content collections much more efficiently. 

  • Personalize Messages. Most (if not all) businesses rely on client relationships. It’s why personalization is such a priority when it comes to marketing and messaging, and HyperWrite can help you with this.

Say you receive a lengthy report from a client, By having it summarized, you can (1) quickly gain a clear understanding of their key points, and (2) implement or reference these key points in your next correspondence. 

This efficiency saves you time and strengthens your relationship with the client. They will feel heard and valued when they learn that you thoroughly read and considered their work. 

HyperWrite Text Summarizer Tool Tips

When using HyperWrite to summarize content, here are some tips to help you get the best results.

  • Only Provide Website Links. Currently, HyperWrite can’t access the contents of uploaded PDFs. For example, this report from the Congressional Research Service. It’s a link, yes, but it ends with .pdf. HyperWrite won’t be able to summarize it.

In these cases, try doing what HyperWrite suggests. Download the PDF and manually copy-paste its contents into the provided field.

  • Website Links are Best for General Summaries. If you want a quick, general overview of an article, feel free to just paste the link to the content. HyperWrite will scan and analyze the whole page. This will provide a brief – but succinct – overview of the article, which means that key sections will get two to four sentences (at best) as the explanation. 

Again, this is fine if you just want the main ideas. But if you’d rather have a more detailed description of certain sections…

  • Manually Copy-Paste Content for More Detailed Summaries. If you need more context in the summary, I recommend manually copying and pasting parts of the article at a time. This will give you a more focused and specific overview without needing to read the article in its entirety.

Compare the following summaries of the same section titled, “Fast Fashion and Its Environmental Impact” from this article

This is the summary based off of the article link:

And this is the summary of the same section, only with its specific contents pasted into the text field:

Although both are still quite short, the second offers a little more information than the first. And the information it adds feels substantial, too – not just filler information for the sake of lengthening the response. 

Save Yourself Time & Summarize Articles Using AI

Whether you're a student, professional, or engaged citizen, AI-generated summaries can save you countless hours of reading and note-taking. HyperWrite has the intelligence and intuition needed to correctly distill key points and nuances of textual content. You can trust that it will give you a reliable synopsis every time. 

And just because you use AI to summarize text, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not going to consume the content in its entirety. You are always free to read the full article for additional detail and depth. But having the option to quickly grasp the main ideas without consuming the entire piece is incredibly valuable. This level of efficiency means you can focus your efforts on deeper analysis, synthesis, or other tasks that require your full attention. 

By leveraging HyperWrite to streamline content curation and consumption, you open up new possibilities for productivity and output optimization.

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