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How to Speed Up Writing School Essays Using AI

HyperWrite has dozens of tools and features specifically designed to speed up parts of the writing process. Using certain features can help students preserve the quality of their essays when they’re feeling pressured by a deadline.

How to Speed Up Writing School Essays Using AI

Essay writing can be a challenge for students at all levels! Hours spent researching, outlining, and drafting can feel like wasted effort if the grades don't reflect the work. And if you have several subjects all requiring essays to be submitted in the same week? 

You’ve got no choice but to sacrifice quality as time is not on your side.

Thankfully, there are better ways now. As an AI-powered writing assistant, HyperWrite can streamline the writing process and help you improve your content without jeopardizing deadlines. From doing a bulk of the research to refining the final product, there’s a lot AI can do.

Here are five ways you can use HyperWrite AI to speed up essay writing. 

Use Explain Like I’m 5 to Quickly Understand Topics & Concepts

Instead of spending hours reading, re-reading, and (still) struggling to grasp unfamiliar concepts, use HyperWrite’s Explain Like I’m 5 tool to quickly understand a complex topic.

This tool explains complicated or highly technical topics using simple language and relatable anecdotes. It relates chemical reactions to Legos, for instance, or the Big Bang to popping a giant balloon. 

If you’re writing an essay on a topic you don’t fully understand, ask HyperWrite to explain the topic – or terms related to the topic – to you like you’re five years old. This saves you from hours (or even days) of in-depth research and discernment. You can leverage AI to simplify the learning process and, therefore, have more time to focus on the content and message of your paper.

Streamline the Research Process with AI Search Engine

A fairly extensive research paper pretty much confirms that Google’s search integrity has been compromised by SEO practices, paid ads, and growing trends. Even digital marketers can’t deny that this search engine manipulation has made it difficult to get relevant results. Chances are, you’ll need to comb through a handful of SERPs (search engine results page) before you find websites and/or papers that are pertinent to your topic.

This makes manual research quite time-consuming. It already takes up a fair amount of the writing process when Google could still return credible sources. Now? You’ll be lucky if it only takes you an hour to find, read, and verify usable references.

HyperWrite’s AI Search Engine is basically a smart and actionable search engine that isn’t affected by trends, ads, and SEO. Ergo, its results are more relevant and reliable than traditional search engines. And they can be found in seconds.

Furthermore, HyperWrite cuts through the noise of search engines to provide carefully curated - and summarized! - options as a response to your search query. Instead of trying to parse the contents of a website based on their meta description (which isn’t all that helpful, either), you’re given a useful and succinct overview of what the resource contains. 

Here’s a quick comparison between Google and HyperWrite using the same prompt: 

(Notice how the meta description in the first result includes the phrase “Our solution to…” as a response to real estate investing challenges? Already, you can tell it’s a company marketing themselves. This is the - impressive - power of SEO.)

So, Google’s results; not bad, could be better. The first result is a bit of an ad, but opening it reveals a blog written by professional real estate agents that lists five challenges. So it does answer the question.

But let’s take a look at HyperWrite’s results.

Ten investing challenges listed in ten seconds. And each one is briefly explained and linked to the source where HyperWrite found them. Quickly clicking through them confirms that the results come from credible websites. 

And, look; the first result even references the same first website we got with Google. The biggest difference is that we don’t need to read through the website to get our answers. 

HyperWrite does that for us. 

HyperWrite’s AI Search Engine allows you to quickly assess the quality and relevance of its results. Instead of reading through multiple potentially unrelated or unhelpful sources to find the best ones, you can just skim the AI-generated summaries.

And if you need more sources, you can simply ask.

HyperWrite’s AI Search Engine also gives you the option to request only academic, scientific, and/or peer-reviewed resources for your research. When you use the search feature, the default setting is Sources. This means that HyperWrite will pull answers from all over the internet (websites and webpages, videos and other visual mediums, and so on).

But if you choose Scholar, HyperWrite will act like Google Scholar. It will only return responses from published research papers, scientific journals, academic texts, technical manuals, and other peer-reviewed references.

It’s a great option for higher-level essays that require citation.

Easily Validate & Sort Sources with Text Summarizer

Even with the AI Search Engine doing the heavy lifting for research, you still need to read through the sources it gives to gather more information. 

As you saw with the screenshots, HyperWrite does indeed provide a summary for each result. However, the summaries themselves are quite short; only a sentence or two. Enough to describe the answer but not enough to provide an in-depth explanation.

If you have the time to carefully comb through sources, you can definitely do so.

But in the interest of quickly writing an essay, you can also use HyperWrite’s Text Summarizer tool to condense a 2,000-word article into a 200-word overview. 

HyperWrite distills the information of any given content into a short but succinct guide that highlights the key arguments and/or main discussion points of the text. This way, you can easily get the gist of the resource without spending half an hour reading through it and taking notes.

And with this more detailed summary, you can decide whether a resource is truly worth referencing or not. 

Say you have two websites that seem virtually identical in terms of the information they have to give. When you run both websites through the Text Summarizer, you learn that Website B has more data and more insight than Website A. So you can safely disregard Website A and reference Website B more in your essay.

If you were to do this comparison and elimination process manually, it would easily take you an hour or more (depending on the length of the website and its content). But with HyperWrite’s Text Summarizer, it takes a few minutes, max. 

You don’t have to worry about missing important data points, either. HyperWrite is an incredibly intuitive AI platform that can understand depth and nuance in text. It’s capable of making informed and educated decisions. It knows what’s worth keeping in the summary. 

You can use the Text Summarizer to summarize full-length texts or sections of said text to streamline the research process. You also have the option to provide just a link to the content or paste the content in its entirety. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. And, as with the other tools on this list, it allows you to put more time into the creative process. 

Quickly Create Drafts with Expert Writing Assistant

HyperWrite has an incredibly useful feature called the Expert Writing Assistant. It can:

  • Write drafts
  • Create outlines
  • Suggest improvements
  • Provide expert writing tips
  • Edit according to specific instructions

And more. It’s a highly intuitive AI-powered writing tool that can streamline the entire writing process.

If you need to quickly write an essay, this is one of the best tools to use. But! I highly recommend using it to supplement your writing. You can feed HyperWrite your research notes and request a draft for your essay. You can specify things like the tone, language, and number of words. 

And, in less than a minute, you’ll have an expertly written paper on your topic of choice.

Do not take this paper and go. Treat it like the first rough draft of your essay. Read through it, fact-check it against your notes, and then rewrite it. The finished essay should be at least 90% of your own original work.

This may seem counter-intuitive. If you’re trying to save so much time, why spend two or three more hours rewriting something that was generated in seconds?

Because AI isn’t meant to replace your writing; it’s meant to enhance it. It’s meant to support it. It’s meant to make the process easier.

Writing something from scratch is difficult; you need to think of an opening statement, a flow, your main points, etc. But if you use AI to draft an outline and/or draft for you, you have something to start with. It can jumpstart your creating process and writing. With the details taken care of, you can focus on the meat of your content. 

Edit & Paraphrase Sections in Seconds with Rewrite Content 

It can be difficult to determine how to improve your writing without an editor or third party looking at your work with fresh eyes. You know your work needs improvement but you don't know how to improve it and you don't have the time to discuss it or review it. 

Plus, if you've already spent a few hours writing, the last thing you want to do is rewrite your content. 

This is where HyperWrite’s Rewrite Content tool can be incredibly helpful. 

As the name suggests, it’s a feature that rewrites content without changing or altering the message. HyperWrite allows you to paste the content you need rewritten and then specify how you’d like it modified. 

Do you need it to be shorter? Longer? More professional? You can define as many parameters as needed. 

When writing essays, you wouldn’t just send the first draft as is (if you’re aiming for good marks, at least). You’d review your content, fact-check your statements, and generally perform last-minute touch-ups to ensure you’re submitting the best possible version of your product.

HyperWrite can help speed up this process without compromising the quality of your work. You can use the Rewrite Content tool to paraphrase paragraphs or sections of your essay that don’t feel right to you.

For example, some parts of your essay might feel too long. When you reread them, they strike you as too wordy and too repetitive. Instead of spending another thirty to forty minutes manually editing these parts, you can have HyperWrite rewrite the content with explicit instructions to make them shorter or less redundant.

For paragraphs that read too technical or too robotic, you can ask HyperWrite to make them sound more natural. If your introduction feels too short, HyperWrite can make it longer. If your conclusion feels awkwardly worded, HyperWrite can improve the language.

HyperWrite’s Rewrite Content tool shortens your editing time and allows you to quickly obtain variations of your content. You can then make minor edits to the rewrites until you're satisfied with the results. 

Quickly Write School Essays Using Hyperwrite to Streamline the Research & Writing Process

With time being a precious commodity, anything that can help us save it is worth trying. In this case, HyperWrite provides an invaluable set of intuitive, user-friendly tools capable of streamlining the essay writing process. 

By using AI to understand complex topics quickly, conduct thorough research, draft and refine content, and even rewrite sections for improvement, students can save significant time and energy. They can then focus this energy on the more creative aspects of writing.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of what HyperWrite can do to help students with their essays. These are just five helpful tools for enhanced and efficient writing. But with other features like their Engaging Conclusion Writer, Paraphraser, and Grammar Help packed into the HyperWrite dashboard, I’m sure users can easily find five or ten more.

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