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6 AI Tools You Can Use to Create Personalized Birthday Cards in Minutes

HyperWrite has a handful of tools that can help users quickly create meaningful birthday messages that can easily be personalized. Find out how different tools can achieve different results.

6 AI Tools You Can Use to Create Personalized Birthday Cards in Minutes

When you’ve got a birthday card to whip and only minutes to get it right, you have several options.

Option one; a store-bought birthday card. It may be generic and a little impersonal but, hey. At least you have something to give.

Option two; make one from scratch. This one is more thoughtful and would be better received. However, if you aren’t much of a creative, the conceptualization and execution could take a while. And, like I mentioned earlier, in this imagined scenario, you only have a few minutes.

Option three? HyperWrite.

Work with this AI writing assistant to come up with cool, creative, and/or clever birthday messages that you can personalize. Slap it on a birthday card template (like the kinds you can find in Canva), print it and send it. Congratulations – you beat the clock!

This is a lot more feasible than you think considering HyperWrite has six different AI tools to achieve it with. Let me walk you through them:

1. Birthday Card Creator

It’s pretty obvious why this one’s on the list, right?

HyperWrite’s Birthday Card Creator is a tool that, according to the description, “generates personalized, heartfelt birthday cards based on the recipient’s age, interests, and your relationship with them.”

If you’re looking for AI tools to help create personalized birthday greetings, it doesn’t get any easier than this. With just three pieces of information, the platform can create a beautiful card – complete with inscription and design details!

Now, actually illustrating and crafting the proposed card is a completely different task. But, for all intents and purposes, you have a personalized birthday card message and design you can use. And it didn’t even take a minute to conceptualize!

2. Greeting Card Writer

The concept of HyperWrite’s Greeting Card Writer is pretty similar to the Birthday Card Creator – but with a few key differences. The most obvious one is that this tool can be used for different special occasions, like weddings and anniversaries. If you want to use it to create a birthday card, you’ll need to specify it in the Occasion field:

The next obvious difference is the lack of personalization. Unlike the Birthday Card Creator, you can’t really give the AI information – like the recipient’s hobbies – to customize the letter. All it asks for is the occasion and the recipient’s name.

Still, the resulting messages are quite beautiful. And if you want to personalize it further, you can add a small anecdote or inside joke you both share. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy. Just something you know the recipient will understand and appreciate.

3. AI Poem Writer

If you’re feeling a little spicy and theatrical, why not send your friend a rhythmic birthday greeting?

HyperWrite’s AI Poem Writer is a tool you can use to quickly and easily craft custom poems. It can write sonnets, ballads, limericks, free verses, and more. And all you need to do is give it a theme, style, and mood to work with.

So for a birthday letter, you can input “birthday greetings” as the theme (I added “loving” to really refine the answer). Then for style, choose whatever you think would get the best reaction from your friend. I chose a default rhyming scheme – or free verse – to keep things playful. 

As for the mood, I recommend giving more than one answer. This way, you can get a substantially longer poem that says more than just, “happy birthday!”

After you hit the Submit button, it only takes a few seconds to generate a poetic birthday message. 

Is it cheesy? Sure. But is it unique? Hundred percent.

And in the grand scheme of things, the cheesiness can give the recipient a good laugh. And a birthday card worth framing. After all, what’s a little theatrics between friends, right?

4. Friendly Tone Converter

For birthday cards meant for friends, I can recommend the Friendly Tone Converter. It does exactly what its name says; it converts content into text that’s friendlier and more welcoming to read without changing the context.

While I’m not saying that you’d consciously write a cold, snarky, or even passive-aggressive greeting for your friend, it can be difficult to convey tone when writing. Especially if you aren’t used to it. A lot of nuance gets lost in the translation, often leading to misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

Using HyperWrite’s Friendly Tone Converter can ensure your letter stays warm, bright, and loving.

Just paste your original message in the provided box and hit submit. HyperWrite will handle the rest.

And it even provides feedback if you want to know why your message didn’t sound friendly enough! 

5. AI Writer

HyperWrite’s AI Writer is a straightforward tool that can be used for all sorts of content. Blogs, essays, listicles, reviews, and – you guessed it – greeting cards. 

Just because it’s typically leveraged for longer content, doesn’t mean it can’t craft shorter, sweeter messages. You just need to figure out what to input so you can get the output you want. It’s a little tricky given that all it asks for is (1) a topic, and (2) the type of writing. But with a little finagling, you can set it up as such:

  • For the Type of Writing, input “Birthday Card Greeting”
  • For the Topic, input the details of your greeting (i.e., length, tone, relationship to the recipient, etc.)

Here’s a simple enough prompt:

And here’s what HyperWrite will return: 

Simple and straight to the point. 

But if the initial message is a bit too short for your liking, you can always add on to it with your own sentiments. For example, share a specific thing the person did for you that made you grateful. Or recount an experience the two of you had that was simply unforgettable.

The weight of a message isn’t solely dependent on its length. As long as your feelings resonate and your intent is clear, I guarantee the recipient will appreciate it.

Alternatively, you can throw the text into HyperWrite’s Message Expander to give it a little extra oomph.

6. Message Expander

The Message Expander is another nifty HyperWrite tool that can be used for a variety of content projects. As the name suggests, this tool takes a “shorthand or rough draft” of written content and makes it longer without changing or altering the original message. How it lengthens the draft depends on what it’s meant to be used for.

There are two similar tools in HyperWrite’s arsenal called the Paragraph Expander and the Text Expander, but these serve slightly different purposes. The Paragraph Expander is better for more specific content with context and the Text Expander is better for long-form generic writing.

For greeting cards, the Message Expander is truly your best bet. It specializes in specific short-form content like social media posts, photo captions, video descriptions, and the like. And birthday cards definitely fall under the same category.

All you need to input are:

  • The original message draft
  • The platform or purpose of the message

In this case, I’m going to input the sample letter we got from the AI Writer. And then I’ll specify the purpose as a Birthday Greeting Message. 

By hitting generate, this tool turns the original greeting into text with essentially the same message – only significantly longer:

Now it’s a little longer and looks a little more substantial! You get three variations, too. So just pick whichever one resonates with you more.

You can also expand your own personal message with this tool. Say you didn’t use the AI Writer and decided to type out an original draft with individual points you wanted to include. You can throw that draft in there, regardless of how messy or unorganized it is, and the Message Expander will take care of the rest.

Like so:

Use HyperWrite’s Tools to Craft Sweet & Sentimental Birthday Letters for Your Loved Ones

Some may not agree with using AI to write personalized greetings. However, I believe the intent is what matters here. While you may not have written the messages from scratch, you still put in the effort to make something unique for your friend’s special day. 

HyperWrite simply took care of the finer details.

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