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4 AI Tools to Help With Your Father's Day Card & Gifts This Year

HyperWrite has tools that can help users generate creative content for Father’s Day gifts. It also offers gift suggestions based on key data. Here’s how to use such features.

4 AI Tools to Help With Your Father's Day Card & Gifts This Year

Father’s Day is coming up. You know what that means. 

Aside from an abundance of fresh Dad Jokes circulating around, it also means that stores – both physical and online – will be marketing their wares to the max. Father’s Day gift bundles, special deals, one-time discounts … the whole nine yards.

If you’ve already got a gift for dear old dad, great! You’ll be free of the hustle and bustle of last-minute shopping. But if you’ve yet to secure something for his special day, don’t worry. Maybe AI can be of help.

Aside from content generation, modification, and editing, HyperWrite also has tools that can be used for special occasions. From gift ideas to silly little poems, you might be surprised with just how useful its recommendations are. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, what better way to test these features? 

Gift Idea #1. Father’s Day Card

What Is It?

Giving a card for a special occasion is a simple but sweet gesture. However, some would argue that store-bought cards with generic template messages can seem impersonal. Personalized and/or hand-made cards are definitely the way to go.

And if you don’t have the creative capacity to make a really sweet card for Father’s Day, no sweat. AI’s got you covered.

How To Make It?

  1. The Message. 

Make a bullet-point list of everything you want to say to your dad. It can be as much or as little, as vague or as detailed as you want. It doesn’t have to be neat, organized, or grammatically correct, either. It just has to be true.

Once you’ve noted everything down, feed the list to HyperWrite’s Father’s Day Card Creator

This fairly self-explanatory tool is a program that generates sweet messages that you can turn into Father’s Day cards. And all it needs are your notes and ideas i.e., whatever you want to include in the message. 

Once you hit the “Generate” button, it’ll return three different – and substantial – messages you can then edit to personalize even further. 

Having AI create a starting point for your Father’s Day card message beats starting from scratch. This way, you can focus on what you want to say without worrying about how you’re going to say it.

  1. The Card. 

Honestly, your dad will love anything you make. Plain, tacky, wonky, messy, awkward, lopsided … you name it. When it comes to cards from loved ones, the thought (and effort!) is the only thing that matters. 

But if you truly aren’t an arts-and-crafts kind of person, you can always just buy a ready-made card. Most will have some blank space or area where you can scribble your AI-generated-human-edited Father’s Day message. 

Gift Idea #2. A Sweet Roast

What Is It?

If your dad can handle a bit of ribbing, why not attach a roast-y message to a gift he really wants – like that new game he’s been eyeing or stack of gift certificates to his favorite sports/hobby/clothing store? Balance out the sweetness of the gift with a little burn. Imagine him excitedly opening a pre-ordered copy of his favorite author’s latest novel to find a teasing note about his dad jokes and his Crocs. 

If you and your dad exchange friendly jibes and snarky remarks all the time, he might just appreciate the gesture!

How To Make It?

  1. The Roast. 

You can use HyperWrite’s Roast AI tool to craft a clever Father’s Day roast in seconds. It’s pretty easy, too! All it needs is the person or topic you want the roast written about. 

So you technically could just enter “my dad” as a prompt and let the AI do its magic. After all, HyperWrite can spin a lengthy jab on any subject (no matter how vague). But I recommend entering as much key information about your dad as possible. 

This way, the AI has more material to work with.

Don’t worry about the roasts going too sharp or too personal, by the way. HyperWrite’s AI is specifically programmed to keep the tone light and friendly. 

As with the Father’s Day Card Creator, feel free to edit the initial results to make them more personalized and/or fit your personal tone better.

  1. The Gift. 

This will require a bit of sneaking around on your part. If you don’t know what he wants for Father’s Day, it’s time to start fishing. Ask questions as subtly as you can about his current interests. Alternatively, ask your mom, your siblings, your aunts/uncles, and/or your dad’s friends for recommendations. 

Remember; it has to be something your dad really, really wants (or will appreciate) in order to balance out the burn of the roast. So you’ll need to go all out.

Gift Idea #3. Personalized With Haikus

What Is It?

Mugs, shirts, hats, throw pillows, silkscreen prints … personalized gifts are always a treat. They’re cute, silly, and sentimental. And it’s always nice knowing someone put in the extra effort to get something done for you specifically. 

So for Father’s Day, why not skip the usual “World’s Greatest Dad” mug and get your old man something a little kookier – like a shirt with this embarrassingly profound haiku printed on the front and back:

Dad's goofy antics

Mortifying, yet his love

Endless like the sea

Or how about a haiku for fathers who are the epitome of dad jokes, lovingly printed on a wall hanging?

Groaning at his humor 

Eye-rolling, yet smiling inside

Love in cheesy form 

How To Make It?

  1. The Haiku. 

For the haikus, you can use HyperWrite’s Profound Haiku Composer. This AI-powered tool can write non-rhyming haikus on any conceivable topic–even with the strict syllabic structure! You can use this tool to craft three-line odes to your dad’s looks, intelligence, wit, and charm. 

These haikus can be as simple, serious, or satirical as you want them to be. For instance, I used the following prompt to get the first haiku:

Feel free to experiment and change up the prompt to get different results! 

  1. The Gift.

For the personalized gifts, I recommend doing a quick Google search for local businesses. Search for “gift personalization” or “personalized gifts near me.” You can narrow down the search even more if you include the specific item you want personalized (i.e., shirt personalization, shirt printing, personalized mugs, personalized shirts, etc.).

If there are no businesses near you that offer this kind of service, there are plenty of online stores that do. Etsy is probably the best choice for professional and aesthetically pleasing products. 

Gift Idea #4. Leave it to Fate

What Is It?

If you’re truly strapped for gift ideas – and the recommendations from friends and family aren’t helping – why not leave it to fate? 

Or, in this case, AI?

How To Make It?

HyperWrite has a Gift Ideas tool that “takes the stress out of gift-giving.” It generates five gift ideas based on two things: (1) the recipient’s interests, and (2) the occasion.

Once you’ve entered the info (again, I encourage you to be as specific or as detailed as possible for best results), HyperWrite will return a list of suggestions.

And even if you don’t agree with the exact items, they can help you think of related gifts. For instance, an “accounting book by a renowned author” might help you remember that your dad’s been wanting to pre-order his favorite author’s upcoming novel. Or a “subscription to accounting software” might remind you that your dad’s been meaning to renew his subscription to an online streaming service, magazine, app, game hub, etc.

And the beauty of this tool is that you can ask it for more gift ideas if the first five don’t work out. It’s an AI program – it won’t get annoyed! 

Use HyperWrite to Generate Creative Gift Ideas & Gift Content

If you ever needed proof that HyperWrite is so much more than just an AI writing assistant, this is it. Its general tools make it versatile and multipurpose while its specific features amp up its use value. Truly, Father’s Day gift hunting need not be stressful when you’ve got AI streamlining the creative brainstorm. 

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