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5 AI Agent Examples You Can Do Things With Right Now

AI agents are changing the way we interact with technology. AI-powered tools like HyperWrite offer a suite of options to handle different day-to-day tasks for speed and productivity.

5 AI Agent Examples You Can Do Things With Right Now

AI agents are redefining what we can do with AI.

AI agents are autonomous software programs that can carry out digital, online tasks for users with the power of AI. Powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms and large language models, AI agents have a high degree of independence and adaptability. They are capable of analyzing and understanding content by themselves. They can make decisions based on a combination of their environment and their own programming. They can even improve and evolve based on feedback and experience. 

But what does this mean in a practical setting? What real-life tasks can you delegate to AI agents? 

Here are some of my personal suggestions based on my experience: 

HyperWrite Assistant Studio

Aside from being a personal AI writing assistant, HyperWrite enables users to create their own AI Agents with the platform’s Assistant Studio feature. You can automate numerous online tasks by teaching the platform’s AI how to perform them. Simply use their browser extension to record your screen as you go through the steps of the job you’d like the agent to replicate. 

This creates a new workflow that you can then refine in HyperWrite’s Assistant Studio to add precise steps, clarify instructions, customize variables, and so on. The more detailed the instructions, the better.

Here are three sample tasks you can easily delegate to your HyperWrite AI Agent:

Order a Pizza with HyperWrite Assistant

Ever found yourself working over lunchtime?

(Who hasn’t experienced that at least once, right?)

While you’re swamped with work, typing out documents and fielding phone calls, it would be great if you could just have your personal assistant order a pizza for you, right? 

What’s that? You don’t have a personal assistant?

You do now.

HyperWrite’s AI Assistant can interact with buttons, links, and dropdown menus. It can also enter specified text into text fields and search bars. This is exactly what ordering a pizza online entails–text fields to fill, buttons to click, and dropdown options to select. By delegating it to HyperWrite, you’re able to put those ten minutes you would have spent placing your pizza order somewhere more productive.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out Matt Shumer’s live demonstration on Twitter.

Just adjust the workflow to account for new toppings or customizations whenever you want, and you’re good to go!

Manage Emails with HyperWrite Assistant

HyperWrite’s AI is also capable of decision-making. You can have the AI check certain conditions and then make choices depending on those conditions, as stated in our Workflow Training & Creation guide,

This means you can ask HyperWrite to manage your email inbox for you. Have the AI decide whether the message is important or not. You can help them make this decision by instructing them to look for certain keywords, too. For instance, if an email contains the name or logo of a client, it’s important. If the email contains words like “subscribe,” “try,” and “free,” it’s probably spam.

If it’s important, the AI can then either draft a response or leave the email ‘Unread’ so that you can review it later. If it’s unimportant, HyperWrite can mark the message as ‘Read’ so that you’ll know not to bother with it.

Place Recurring Orders with HyperWrite Assistant

Aside from ordering pizza, you can utilize a similar workflow to have HyperWrite place recurring orders for you on eCommerce sites. This is especially ideal for small business owners who make and sell physical products. Instead of manually placing a new order every week on websites like Amazon or Etsy, just have HyperWrite do it.

Unlike with getting your pizza fix, you won’t even have to edit the steps every time (unless you need to adjust the quantity). Just run the workflow as is. You’ll have an extra few minutes to focus on other important tasks while your AI agent puts the items in your shopping cart and checks out for you.

HyperWrite is still arguably limited in terms of native support for other on-screen interactions, like direct URL navigation or page scrolling. The platform has provided workarounds to achieve these but trial and error may still be necessary to make them work. 

Regardless, the level of customization you can do with HyperWrite’s AI Assistant makes it an incredibly versatile choice. It’s the perfect platform for creating personalized workflows. 

Automate Data Extraction & Entry with AutoGPT

OpenAI doesn’t have an AI agent directly, but AutoGPT is an open-source AI agent that uses OpenAI API to interact with various tools and complete specified goals. It can plan, research, manage, and strategize semi-autonomously using multi-modal tools.

Because AutoGPT requires minimal user interaction to function optimally, many users consider it to be the upgraded version of ChatGPT. It’s intelligent enough to improve its own knowledge regarding a subject through repeated interaction and experience. 

One thing AutoGPT can handle for you is data entry and extraction. 

The process is quite simple and, after setup, requires no intervention on your part. You just need to identify the data source and define data requirements (like what type of data needs to be extracted). AutoGPT will then collect the information, clean it, validate it (according to set specifications), and enter it wherever needed. It can even perform quality checks on the data if asked! 

AutoGPT Can Also:

  • Generate drafts, outlines, or actual posts for online blog content
  • Handle custom inquiries and provide personalized, human-like responses
  • Help with research tasks like gathering sources, curating credible links, and synthesizing information from multiple web pages

Follow Up on Prospects With AgentGPT

AgentGPT, like ChatGPT, is an advanced intelligent NLP tool that requires user input to generate output. The biggest difference is that AgentGPT does not need constant human input. It is a completely independent AI agent that can be delegated to handle a range of different tasks. 

AgentGPT allows users to harness the power of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and AI technologies to assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI agents in their browsers. These agents are intelligent, intuitive, and highly customizable. 

You can use these agents to follow up with prospective clients.

Say you run an online marketing campaign. You can utilize AgentGPT’s deep learning capabilities and natural proficiency in human language to find and follow up with interested parties. 

AgentGPT can be instructed to review profiles that interacted with the campaign autonomously. The AI agent can then determine which ones seem the most interested in your offer (and, therefore, are more likely to proceed with purchase).

Once it has a list of these prospects, AgentGPT can then send them a series of personalized follow-up messages to ensure the leads stay warm.  

AgentGPT’s potential applications are vast, and the team behind it is confident they’ve barely scratched the surface of what AgentGPT can do.

AgentGPT Can Also: 

  • Generate a full-stack codebase of a web app you’d like to create in minutes
  • Analyze and interpret data from various sources to identify trends, generate insights, or sus out anomalies
  • Handle customer inquiries, provide product information, and handle FAQs

Use AI Agents Like HyperWrite to Automate Tasks & Improve Workflow Efficiency

AI agents are changing the way we work and interact with technology. From writing assistants like HyperWrite to chatbots like AutoGPT, these intelligent tools are transforming industries. 

And they’re making our lives so much easier while they’re at it.

Honestly, the AI agent ideas listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. As artificial intelligence and deep machine learning operations continue to progress, we can expect even more innovative tools to emerge. As long as we observe ethical use and utilize such programs for positive, helpful outcomes, there’s no reason we shouldn’t take full advantage of these technologies.

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